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James A Sinclair is a world leading educator on how to relinquish limiting beliefs that obscure the superhuman self within.

James A Sinclair Superhuman Keynote takes personal development to the superhuman level.

Created by James A Sinclair, What If? The Movie is an award-winning feature length documentary film featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, and more.  It is known as the ultimate human potential movie.

James A Sinclair

James A Sinclair is a world leading educator on human potential.  As a visionary and keynote speaker, his inspiring documentary movies have won 7 internationally recognized awards.  

Movies: What If? The Movie, The Owen Hart Foundation: A Look Back, For The Love Of Children, Grand Self.

Favourite Personal Quote: "Who you truly are is greater than you believe."


Created by James A Sinclair, The Grand Self Movie takes viewers to a new level of human potential and personal development. Coming Soon.

James A Sinclair is featured on the Discovery Channel, multiple issues of The Hollywood Reporter, MaiTV (Fiji), and several other international areas of media.

A powerful online program that helps you release your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back so that you may experience more of who you really are.  Created by James A Sinclair

Online press kit for James A Sinclair for members of the media and non-members.  Book James A Sinclair for your podcast, blog, magazine, summit, tv show, radio show, newspaper, film, video or any other media. 

Additional bonus footage of The Grands Self Movie not seen anywhere else.  Watch incredible scenes with Bob Proctor, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Maureen Edwardson, Beth McDougall, MD, and more.