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James A Sinclair is a world leading educator on how to relinquish limiting beliefs that obscure the superhuman self within.

James A Sinclair Superhuman Keynote takes personal development to the superhuman level.

Created by James A Sinclair, What If? The Movie is an award-winning feature length documentary film featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, and more.  It is known as the ultimate human potential movie.

James A Sinclair

James A Sinclair is a world leading educator on human potential.  As a visionary and keynote speaker, his inspiring documentary movies have won 7 internationally recognized awards.  

Movies: What If? The Movie, The Owen Hart Foundation: A Look Back, For The Love Of Children, Grand Self.

Favourite Personal Quote: "Who you truly are is greater than you believe."


Created by James A Sinclair, The Grand Self Movie takes viewers to a new level of human potential and personal development. Coming Soon.

James A Sinclair is featured on the Discovery Channel, multiple issues of The Hollywood Reporter, MaiTV (Fiji), and several other international areas of media.

with Pragya, Cynthia

A powerful online program that helps you release your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back so that you may experience more of who you really are.  Created by James A Sinclair

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